What is the Communication Studies Participant Pool?

Our main goal is to connect people who want to participate in research studies with researchers who need participants. We maintain a database of people in the Seattle metropolitan area who are interested in finding out more about participating in research studies. Our database includes infants, children, and adults of all ages. Anyone can join. We match people up with research studies based on what the study is about and what age of participants the study needs. Many of the studies we support have to do with communication or general human development.

How does the Participant Pool work?

When a University of Washington researcher needs participants, we search our database for people who would be a good match for the study. If we match you up with a study, the researcher would contact you to explain the study in depth, including what the study is about, what you would do, how long it takes and whether/how much you would be paid. You are free to decide whether or not you wish to participate in any research study.

What are the studies like?

Most of the studies take place at or near the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Each researcher focuses on different topics and ages. In general, the studies are comfortable, interesting, or fun. The length and number of visits varies depending on the study. If you would like more information on the kinds of studies going on, check out our “Current Studies” page. 

How will my information be handled?

Names and other confidential information are only shared with researchers at the University of Washington and its affiliates (UWMC, Seattle Children's Hospital) for the purposes of informing you about a research study. Your information would stay in our database until you ask to be removed or we no longer have current contact information for you.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to join our Participant Pool, please fill out an enrollment form. Or to request that we mail you an enrollment form, including a postage paid return envelope, please call us at 206-616-9081 and provide us with your name and mailing address. You can also reach us by email at partpool@uw.edu or by filling out the online contact form.